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WW Canada Ltd.

At WW Canada I create content related to food and wellness. Generally speaking, I am given a topic and can then structure the post around my own research and ideas. My work for WW Canada includes ZeroPoints/Freestyle orientation guides, ingredient and diet profiles, healthy meal ideas, holiday content, listicles, recipe roundups, and kitchen hacks.

“I’ve been working with Ashley for four years and her work is nothing short of stellar. From the creative ideation process through to the delivery of the final product her content is engaging, topical, well researched, and highly engaged with.  Ashley is a consummate professional writer whose expertise in food and wellness have been an asset to WW members.”

C. Llosa, Content Marketing Manager, WW Canada Ltd.


I pitch, research, and write articles for Aisle (formerly Lunapads). Using inclusive language, I write about topics such as menstruation, reproductive health, and mental illness.

“Ashley is our go-to for good content. Her work is always carefully constructed with a clear eye for effective messaging and arrives ready for our customers. Highly recommended.”

J. Hope, Marketing & Communications Manager, Aisle


As a ghostwriter, I create engaging content for my clients in their own voice. Whether you’re looking for SEO-driven blog posts, an update to your resume and cover letter, or you need to rewrite and republish existing content, I can help with all of your ghostwriting needs.

“Ashley Linkletter was of great assistance to me in writing my cover letter and resume. She has the ability to capture exactly what you wanted and then take it to the next level. She transformed my rough outline into something fierce and on point. She put the fire that I needed into my ideas.”

G.H., ghostwriting client


Ashley Linkletter lives in Vancouver, Canada but grew up in southeastern Ontario, where she graduated with a BA in English Language & Literature from Huron University College. It was this description of watermelon, from Gerald Durrell’s “My Family and Other Animals,” that set Ashley on a path to food writing:

“Watermelons, their flesh as crisp and cool as pink snow, were formidable botanical cannonballs, each one big enough and heavy enough to obliterate a city. The green and black figs burst with the pressure of their sap, and in the pink splits the gold-green rose beetles sat dazed by the rich, never-ending largesse. Trees had been groaning with the weight of cherries, so that the orchards looked as though some great dragon had been slain among the trees, bespattering the leaves with scarlet and wine-red drops of blood.”

Gerald Durrell, “My Family and Other Animals”

Ashley has worked as a library page, a lab assistant in a microbial testing facility, a dog walker, an invoicer, a quiz writer, a cheesemonger, and now as a professional writer—a career she’s been enjoying for almost a decade.

When she’s not writing, Ashley loves cooking and listening to music (the theme of her personal blog Music With Dinner), going for long walks, continuing her yoga streak, and reading as much horror fiction as she can get her hands on.

Essays & Magazine Work

Photo credit: Ashley Linkletter

Ashley writes delicious living‘s “Now trending” column on a monthly basis in addition to various articles on health and wellness trends.

Culture Cheese Magazine

Summer 2014 “Vibrant Vancouver”

Winter 2015 & 2016 “Best Of…” Special Cheese Issue (Canadian content)

Fall 2019 “Gender Bias Blues”

EAT Magazine

Artisan Edibles’ Apple Fig Ginger Chutney

Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps Winterfruit Crackers

Edible Vancouver & Wine Country

Fall 2019 “Annie’s Rice Pudding

SAD Magazine

Issue No. 23 Cheese “It Gets Feta

Issue No. 26 Green “Treasure Green Tea

Food Bloggers of Canada

Albert's Leap Bel Haven Triple Creme Brie
Photo credit: Ashley Linkletter

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Healthy Way


Photo credit: Ashley Linkletter

Mental Health Articles:

How To Keep Clean Eating Healthy (And Real Talk About The Dangers Of Dietary Obsession)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (And How It Affects People More Than You Might Think)

How My Sexual Assault Led To Panic Attacks (And How Seeing A Therapist Led To Healing)

Nutrition Articles and Recipe Development:

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WW Canada Ltd.

Photo credit: Ashley Linkletter

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